Sunday, January 19, 2020

The plane that did a TOUCH- AND-GO

 Gabriel’s plane looked a lot like this one

       Gabriel last week was so excited to be able to purchase a little wooden plane for his upcoming birthday. It wasn’t much compared to American standards,  just 10 soles, which is roughly $3 US dollars. I know what you’re thinking $3 dollars is not much. Most people spend that a day on a coffee each morning before work. But on a missionary budget like ours $3 dollars can be a stretch for us. That kind of money can buy the three of us an entire breakfast, and more. Needless to say Gabriel was reluctant to ask for the toy plane but stunned and overjoyed that I said yes. After all his 10th birthday should be special.

       Gabriel carried that plane with him everywhere. To our home visits with the poor and outside every evening to play in the plaza with his friends. Tuesday we had to go to a larger town to pick up supplies and to make a few copies for our ministries. We were walking through the market and a mother pushing her son in a wheel chair stopped us. They were selling gum and Peruvian candies. The two of them daily wonder up and down the market to sell their treats in hopes to make enough to live for the day. As I was talking to the mother,  I could over hear Gabriel say “here take it”,  when I turned around he was giving his wooden airplane to the little boy in the wheel chair. 

The same kind of wheel chair the little boy was
in which are very common among the poor here

   My heart sank. I selfishly thought, how can I replace that plane! It was for his birthday and he just gave it away! Our missionary budget will not allow for us to purchase another,  I thought quietly. 

    I finished up talking to the boys mother and by that time someone else had come to make a purchase from them. As we went about our errands in the market, Gabriel was so full of joy. I looked in his eyes and told him he was a special young man for giving his plane away. I asked him why he did it; His response was simple, he said “it’s what Jesus would have done.” 

    The little wooden plane you see in the picture is a lot like the plane that Gabriel received for his birthday. That little plane brought a lot of joy to him in the few days of having it; As the plane made a touch and go in our life’s we pray it will bring about the same amount of joy and love to it’s new owner. 

    This act of kindness is an encouragement to each of us to never turn away from the opportunities to give to those in need. To be a bold and courageous witness; Never fearing to give testimony to Jesus’s faithfulness. 

   I would like to honor Gabriel on his 10th birthday for being in love with the poor and for being faithful enough to serve them. For never hesitating to embrace living in solidarity along with them and for calling me on to sainthood. 

Please pray for Gabriel in a special way today on his birthday!

“God Loves those who find joy in giving”
Pope Saint John Paul II

Karen, Julianna and Gabriel Del Castillo

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Friday, January 3, 2020

Perfect families do not exist

  Listening to the homily on the Feast day of the Holy Family the main focus of the homily was of a family that consisted of a Father, Mother and children. And rightfully so. Their example of obedience to God’s will, their unconditional love for God and for each other. Their immense desire to serve God and others before themselves, and their never wavering faith,  are truly saintly examples for families to live by. 

  However I cannot lie, I did feel for a brief moment,  a bit confused of my purpose not as a foreign Catholic lay Missionary but as a single mother. I also felt heartbroken for all those who were in attendance,  that could not for whatever reason  play part in the “perfect role”.  What did they think, what were they feeling? I feared that those who were present felt they fell short of being worthy enough. With a Homily totally and  intentionally directed to intact, whole, perfect families. (the ones which included Father, Mother and children) Again I whole heartily believe that it should have been this way, however perhaps I am struggling with not what was said, but the lack of what was NOT said.  I certainly feel Jesus would not have excluded so many. After all so many people my family serve (and which were attending mass that night ) must have felt a bit unworthy. Towards the end of Mass the only two complete families who were gathered  were invited to receive a special blessing at the front of the church. 

  My heart was struck with sadness as I  looked upon the rest whom were watching. What about the little 9 year old girl who walks her blind grandfather to church each Sunday. What about Jose who is 19  and loves to serve others, and who has lived with his grandparents since he was 10,  after his Mom and Dad separated and chose to abandon him while they pursued other love relationships. Or Milton who desires and prays daily for his wife and him to receive the sacrament of marriage after living 10 years together. What about all the women who attend the church without their husband for whatever reason and who pray for them in such a holy way. Or for the widows who lost their spouse but yet still must endure and press on for their children.  I could not help but to think that these people felt unworthy to be called a family after what they had heard or rather the lack of. After not being invited to the front of the church to receive a special blessing upon their little,  not so perfect,  rendition of a family. 

  I recently took a class over the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Studying and learning the importance of knowing ones audience while teaching the Catholic faith. To be sure that when passing on the “word of Faith” that it’s done in its wholeness.  Learning that it is truly important for one to know and to take in account the needs of those who we are teaching , “our audience”. The General Directory for Catechesis (GDC 145) reminds us of the importance of the principle  “to teach from the Deposit of Faith for any given audience must take into account, not only the amount of time available, but also such factors as age, education, background, and culture.” I could not help to think that It could be a possibility that the homily for the night was a bit misdirected to the wrong type of group and fell short to engage the attending audience.  However despite the shortness of the full truth,  I found wholeness and a since of purpose in our mission we have been set on here at our new post.  A better understanding of the cross I bear as a single mother and why I have been asked to carry into the mission field for everyone to see. There is honestly no way to hide I am a single mother who also has been called to serve Christ as a foreign missionary.  I am not called to carry my cross with a sadden heart, but with a Joyful heart. Walking with a since of completion and fullness, knowing that Jesus is right beside me. 

  It’s our duty as baptized Catholics to pass on the trueness of our Faith. To not water down the teachings of the Catholic Church. However there is a flip side to this. We must not be above others and so caught up in the Hierarchy of the Church, so much that it prevents ourselves from extending love, generosity and forgiveness to those who may fall short of being the living example of the Holy Family.  To exclude the teaching of Jesus’s merciful love and forgiveness,  is not a successful way of discipleship.  After all Jesus healed and  forgave Mary Magdalene, Chose Saint Paul to become a missionary,  despite the fact he persecuted Christians, and  the list does not stop there. Jesus ate with thieves and sinners. Called Zacchaeus down from a tree in order to visit with him in his home. And forgave those who nailed him to the cross. 

  It’s easy to teach from the perspective of Holiness, but from sinner to saint perhaps many of our teachings and Homilies  can fall short throughout the Church. However we must not forget the most fundamental point,  that Jesus came to save. To save the people,  that perhaps have not been born into a life of holiness, or had a loving family to teach them about God or the merciful love of Jesus Christ. He came to save the sinners.

Jesus said to them, 'It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.'" Mark 2:17

The feast day of the Holy Family should inspire all of us to become more like them. To be obedient to Gods will, To serve others, to love without conditions and to have a servants heart. That is how all families should live. Perhaps you are a single mother or a single father. Maybe you are a step parent. Or even have adopted a child or been adopted yourself. Maybe your living with your grandparents.  The fact is our families my look a bit different from the Holy Family. But we still can strive to obtain this level of Holiness. We our still worthy to do so. 

Pope Francis said that “We are all called to be saints; we must remember that holiness is a gift from God- Not something we can achieve on our own. Holiness is not granted only to those who have the opportunity to break away from ordinary task, to devote themselves to prayer. Rather, everyone is called to holiness in their own state of life. It’s by living with love and offering Christian witness in our daily task that we are called to become saints… Always and everywhere you can become a saint, that is, by being receptive to the grace that is working in us and leads us to holiness.” 

He also said at his address to Families on Sept. 27, 2015 

 “Perfect families do not exist. This must not discourage us. Quite the opposite. Love is something we learn; love is something we live; love grows as it is 'forged' by the concrete situations which each particular family experiences. Love is born and constantly develops amid lights and shadows. Love can flourish in men and women who try not to make conflict the last word, but rather a new opportunity. An opportunity to seek help, an opportunity to question how we need to improve, an opportunity to discover the God Who is with us and never abandons us. This is a great legacy that we can give to our children, a very good lesson: we make mistakes, yes; we have problems, yes. But we know that that is not really what counts. We know that mistakes, problems and conflicts are an opportunity to draw closer to others, to draw closer to God.”

   My prayer for this blog is to entice all types of families to call upon The Holy Family to intercede for them. For all families whatever they consist of , or made up of, to seek the Holy Family as a role model and as an example of how a family should live. For those who may be a single parent, my prayer for you is that The Holy Family might join you in your day to day task as you play both roles, Father and Mother to your children. For your children to not feel abandon or alone, that they have a since of a complete family. For your children to see an authentic witness in you;  of your willingness to be guided by our heavenly Father, to willing receive the Love of His Mother, Mary and to have the  obedience of Joseph to follow God’s will.

Please pray for my family. That we may be a family to all those we serve here, who do not know the true meaning of a family. We desire to bring them the knowledge and experience of what it is to have unconditional love, generosity, forgiveness and desire to follow Christ. We pray that through seeing Christ in us,  that they may have a desire to know and become more like the Holy Family – Jesus , Mary and Joseph. 

   Holy Family of Jesus Mary and Joseph pray for us!

Karen, Julianna and Gabriel Del Castillo

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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Settling in

 We are so thankful for you all and feel immense Joy to be apart of your life’s in such a Holy way! We pray this blog finds you well ! In this crazy fast pace world it seems that there is so many negatives and so very few positive things in our day to day life’s. But our hearts are over joyed to be able to pray for each of you every day and to have the confidence that we are not alone here at our new post, because we know you are praying for us. 

 Its December already. Since October we have been settling in to our new mission post. Patiently waiting like a horse chopping at the bit to run out of the gates.  However we knew we needed to know the lay of the land a lot better before we started running straight into ministries.  After a lot of prayer and a heavy dose of patience,  we were able in November to begin our full time ministries.

Warning - Photo overload

Blessings in abundance

We have received so many blessings from our ministries in the alturas (the mountains).  Nestled up high above the town we live in,  is a little pueblo called Buenos Aires. When roads are dry we can make it in a bit over an hour. Each Saturday we play games, volleyball and catechize the children and a few devoted adults. We share fruit with them like mangos watermelons and tamarindo,  a cherished commodity that is unavailable to them in the cooler mountain pueblo. Its so amazing how our world here is not based around money. The fruits we bring are given to us from  the generosity of those we live among here in our home town. It’s not uncommon to  receive a knock on the door of people bringing us fruits, rice or yuca. We receive so much there is no way we can eat it all. So we take it to those who go without.  It’s amazing to see there eyes light up when we bring them such simple gifts of fruits and Jesus. You can tell they feel so much love and amazement that we would take time to visit them. The best part is they have no Idea of the wonderful gift that they give us each Saturday. Our hearts are so filled up from our visits with this simple and loving community.
Arriving to Buenos Aires 

Where the earth reaches the sky

Some of the girls enjoying watermelon

Watermelon and Advent wreaths 


And more mangos 


Learning about Advent

Young and Old enjoy making an Advent Wreath 

Taking turns reading out of the bible

Games , games and games
The abundance of rain in the mountains creates these little water falls everywhere

There is something magical about balloons here in Peru

Stillness and Silence before the Lord

We have been asked by the priest here in Cajaruro to expose the blessed sacrament each Thursday. We take the task we have been given with great honor and respect.  It’s a very new ministry here among our town and it has indeed had challenges for the first day. Despite explaining to them what adoration is,  the concept has proven a bit difficult for the faithful to understand, and that there is no need to do anything, but sit with Jesus. The silence of adoration has not been very appetizing to them.  Please pray that we can endure the strange looks,  and the confused attitudes of those who attend each week.  It seems my entire time in adoration is spent on my knees begging Jesus to speak to them loud enough for them to hear and to soften their hearts so they may be tender enough for him to reach into the depths of their hearts. 

Come, You Spirit of Quiet.
Guide me into your Stillness that I might hear in myself the Word you speak.
Free me from all Fear hat all which binds me leaves me and leaves me to who I am.
Open as a vast chalice I want Your wonders, Your fullness,
Your holy presence gently to seize me. Come You Spirit of Breath, breathe your breath into my thoughts, into my feelings. Come and take your place in me.My Lord and my God, take from me everything that distances me from you. My Lord and my God, give me everything that brings me closer to you.

The Lord's Supper

Through our training with Family Missions Company in 2017 we were introduced and participated each Saturday night in the Lord's Supper.  An evening filled with Songs, Reading of the Gospel, food and friends. In our old post in the Jungle our community did not partake much in the Saturday night Lords Supper. We were so spread apart from the other missionaries and everybody’s schedule made it difficult to make it happen. However while making our new families schedule both Julianna and Gabriel felt a great desire to open our home each week and invite people in our home to share a meal with them. To break bread with them.  They were truly excited to have it on our schedule. Me however that’s a different story.

I knew Christ was moving us to a new post to teach us something profound and to grow us in Holy  virtues.  To soften our rough edges and make us more into His likeness. Becoming a Betty Crocker here in Peru is not easy and it was not much on my agenda. So you can imagine how God is working on my prideful thinking. Second of all He is working on my humbleness. It has proven to be difficult to keep things simple because I feel I must provide more for our dinner guest. Most days as the locals do we eat rice, bananas and eggs. Of course, inviting others over to your home to eat, I feel it calls one to make something fancier for them. After all in America that’s what we do is make a big Lasagna with a  nice tossed salad and bread sticks or have a BarB-Q of the finest meats or plump juicy burgers, when guest come over. But I have found our two burner camping stove to be a bit limiting.  So it’s been a bitter sweet ministry for us (Pun intended) . Serving a big helping of Eggs, rice and bananas. Along with a side of nervousness because, well I am not the best cook. We open our small one room home each week, pray with those we invite to dinner and share a meal with them in Christian fellowship. The highlight of the night is when we get to invite them to walk to the chapel to attend our pueblos weekly Adoration. Even though  this ministry is not an easy one for me that I tend to dread  while preparing for , it has indeed been very rewarding and fruitful. And more so a chance to grow and become more like Christ. 

Gabriel playing a game of Jenga after dinner with Mrs Rosa 

Sunday’s spent in Paradise

We have been spending some time in a Pueblo called ParaĆ­so (Spanish for Paradise) on Sunday mornings. Its about a 20 minute drive from our home. The road is a small two lane road most of the way. Luckily we have been in a bit of a dry season and have not had to much trouble making it down the dirt portion of our travels to them. The community has not had anyone to open the Church and lead Celebrations of the word each Sunday. So we felt called to help them out. It’s a community with not many youth mainly elderly people but they are so loving. The education level of their Catholic faith is the equivalent to a small child with only the basic knowledge of who God is. Many, many of them cannot read. We have been so delighted and blessed to have the opportunity to teach them new and wonderful things about the Catholic faith. Like how to pray and lead the rosary. Or like last Sunday we introduced to them the meaning of Advent and made advent wreaths. I pray fervently that one day God will see our work and teaching worthy and  fitting  enough for us to bring Jesus to them in the Eucharist each week. 
Of the beaten path

We are blessed to have transportation to reach the small town

After a drive through a bit of mud we have arrived

These cuties always are waiting for us


Walking into the Darkness

We also visit a nearby Pueblo called Chariaco, that is walking distance from us. It’s a very desolate place. Dry in the Physical sense as well as Spiritual sense, it’s one of the poorest pueblos in which we visit. And is home to a strong spirit of darkness and despair. You could say the majority of the Pueblo do not care for our presence there. We knock on doors and have had quick opportunities to introduce ourselves, with no warm welcome to enter. Despite the reaction of most of the Pueblo we have been grateful for the two homes that have welcomed us. Both very stark in contrast. One home in which we visit each week is the home of three beautiful children. The mother is warm and welcoming but with reservations. The Father is a well-known  medicine man or witch doctor and he leaves eagerly when we arrive. We can feel an evil spirit among the home. However we have been welcomed and we go each week into the field of combat. In our standards we seem not to be making headway. The most we can do is just have pleasant conversations  about the weather or  the children’s school. But never failing to cease the opportunity to pray the rosary with the 8 year old and 15 year old girls who live there. The two,  seem to be more open to us than anyone else in their family. While praying the rosary at their home I often wonder if they know the power of the rosary. The spiritual battles that have been won by faithfully praying the rosary. We offer our silent intentions for this family to come to know and have a relationship with Jesus; for Jesus to open the doors to this pueblo so they may one day come to have a relationship with Christ.  

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.  May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
 who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

A typical home in Chariaco

Catholic Church that has been under construction for 4 years.
It now has been a project that has been abandoned

Soccer Fields 

Finding Light in the Darkness

The other home we visit in Chariaco is set apart from the rest of the pueblo. Far enough away that it has not been engulfed by the evil spirit in which lurks and prowls about in the main area of the pueblo. It has been protected in a sense perhaps due to the faithful family who lives there. At first glance of this home you would not ever know of the Joy that lives within its walls made of Bamboo. To be honest when we first found the small bamboo hut we were a bit scared of what we would find. After knocking on doors and having them shut in our face we were not in high hopes that this home would welcome us. However we were greeted with such kindness and love.

In the home lives Milton and his wife with there three children. Faithful and devoted Catholics despite their hardship and poverty.  Doing all they can for others before themselves.

As Marixa stays at home caring for their three children. Milton struggles to find enough work to provide for the needs of his family at times holding down 3 different jobs. If that’s not enough Milton was recently told to leave one of his jobs,  as he confronted his employer and tried to defend the 32 underage children (some as young as 8 years old) working in the factory where he had been working at. Even with the struggles this family has seen financially both Milton and His wife know that they must praise the Lord and to be obedient to Gods will for them. That they must not lose faith.

 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. - John 1:5

A Home for the Poor

Milton and his family  have become such wonderful friends to us.  I am so ashamed to admit that I struggled to see the poverty that they lived in.  After all there is no illness or addictions in the family, there is both dad and mom in the picture and the entire family attends mass every Sunday together. However God insisted that I see them with His eyes. To see their needs and their worth. I am so grateful that God placed such a desire within me that allowed me to see the great need our new friends have.

To know that Jesus had it planned for our families to become friends with each other and that he would place a desire within us to try to help them with a home. Giving us, a chance to reflect on all the rich opportunities that we as Americans have. Even as my family lives here in among the poor of Peru, we as Americans, if the struggles become to unbearable we could always return back to are wealthy country. Where I have been guilty of not ever having to worry about the rain storm coming in . Never have I feared that it would soak the dirt floors that lay within my home. Or have been in fear if the storm comes in with a wind that it will soak everything within my home such as the beds, and clothes. I as an American am guilty of being consumed with what I can fill my home with or  what  decorations should I purchase to hang on the wall. Furthermore I have never had to worry a bit about having to cut bamboo to replace the rotted wall before it falls. So I am so grateful for this opportunity to become friends with Milton and his wife because they have become such treasures to us.

A humble area. Clean dry clothes hang on a line, because their is no drawers. A table made of blocks and bamboo.

The children's bed, with sweet little Alondra taking her afternoon nap! 

They have reminded me and my children why we are here. Of the great wonderful opportunity to have been given to know and love such a beautiful family. To see the poor as God sees them, which is VALUABLE. A bit of a oxymoron, if you will, one can not help to think, how can the poor who suffer and go without basic needs be so valuable?

One of their beds, made with blocks and bamboo 

   Pope Francis’s call to all Christians 
to remember the poor “the treasures of the Church”.  Pope Francis asked “ Do I, a Christian have at least one poor person as a friend?”  Pope Francis reminded all, that
 “the poor are valuable in the eyes of God”, that “they need someone to take them by the hand”. 
But more so “the poor remind us how we should live the Gospel: like beggars reaching out to God.”

We have launched a campaigned for them called “A home for the Poor”. For under $5,000.00 we can build them a more suitable home. Made of bricks and with concrete floors. 

If you fill called to help build Milton and his family a home please make a donation at our homepage:…/karen-del-castillo/

If you have more questions about the Project or feel the Holy Spirit is calling you to come in person to Peru to Help with the Construction please feel free to contact us.

Christmas in Solidarity with the poor

We beg for your prayers during this advent and Christmas season. Most missionaries travel back to the States for a time of rest and to visit family during this wonderful season. Although my children and I would love to return this year, it was not in God’s plans for us to. He made it known that he needed us here among the poor this year. To make humble use of our benefactors donations in which were made to us.  We felt a profound call to be  present among the poor of our new mission post. The call we have heard is not an easy call; it’s even harder to be cheerfully obedient to Gods will.

Our homemade tree. Made of wire, garland, and homemade paper ornaments.

Please pray for us as we live in true solidarity with the poor whom we serve this Christmas. Pray we will be strengthen and that Christ fills us with his immense love for us, especially Julianna and Gabriel. Please pray that our presence can be felt and our unity can become true within the Eucharist among our family, friends and benefactors back home as we courageously serve  Christ in ways that sometimes are very difficult for us and our human desires to understand. Pray that this years Christmas may be filled with immense Joy, and Love.

We pray for each of you to be filled with the true Spirit of Christmas. That you will open your hearts to receive your King wrapped in swaddling clothes, whom was humble enough to be born in a stable, poor and lying in a manger. We pray that your heart will rejoice over His birth. 

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel 

The Del Castillo's
Karen, Julianna and Gabriel

Thank you to all who have heard the call to help us bring the Love of Jesus to the poor here in Peru. The mission here would not exist without your generosity and sacrifices. 

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Your donations make it possible for us to live here among the poor of Peru and allowing us to bring the Gospel to those we live among.

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Our Christmas wish is a home for the poor!

Lately I have been a bit frustrated, 
asking myself,  if I have become so
 blind that I can not see the poor whom I serve?

  I am ashamed to say that I struggled a bit to share this with you. Embarrassed and ashamed that it is very possible that I have, become so blind and poor to see the needs of others. Losing sensitivity to the poverty we live among day in and day out. Perhaps because it has just become the new normal for my children and I.  Where it does not faze us to see and experience the living conditions of our friends we visit each week.  After all there is no illness or addictions in the family, there is both dad and mom in the picture and the entire family attends mass every Sunday together. However God insisted that I see them with His eyes. To see their needs and their worth. 

   For the last two weeks I have awaken in the middle of the night with a great desire to help them. With a burning desire within, that I must do something. Knowing that they have no way to build a home for themselves, As Marixa stays at home caring for their three children. Milton struggles to find enough work to provide for the needs of his family at times holding down 3 different jobs. If that’s not enough Milton was recently told to leave one of his jobs,  as he confronted his employer and tried to defend the 32 underage children (some as young as 8 years old) working in the factory where he had been working at. Even with the struggles this family has seen financially both Milton and His wife know that they must praise the Lord and to be obedient to Gods will for them. That they must not lose faith. 

   It reminded me of Pope Francis’s call to all Christians to remember the poor “the treasures of the Church”.  Pope Francis asked “ Do I, a Christian have at least one poor person as a friend?” I was overwhelmed with great Joy to know, I do. I truly do have friends who are poor! Pope Francis reminded all, that “the poor are valuable in the eyes of God”, that “they need someone to take them by the hand”. But more so “the poor remind us how we should live the Gospel: like beggars reaching out to God.”

  Knowing that many of you are gearing up for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and giving Tuesday. Scoping out the ads for the best deals for this year’s Christmas Gifts for that special someone. Or perhaps you’re a business owner trying to find that perfect charity in which to make your companies end of the year donation to.  I knew I must seize the moment and yet again become a beggar in the name of Christ and to reach out to each of you.

This is where they cook

Kitchen area

Buckets used as a sink 

   I urge you to prayerfully and carefully take a look at the pictures of our friend’s home.  This is what we as missionary see every day. Ask yourself what you would do if these were your friends. Perhaps even reflect on the things you see in each picture. The hanging clothes with no dresser drawers to go in. The beds, the walls in which anything and everything crawls through. Or perhaps your eye notices the dirt floor. Whatever strikes you about these pictures ask yourself if God is asking you to forgo one or two items on your Christmas list this year to help this family out.   We cannot allow ourselves to just overlook the poor or to pass them by. We must see them as Christ sees them.  VALUABLE!  And as the treasures of the Church.  

One of their beds, made with blocks and bamboo 

The children's bed, with sweet little Alondra taking her afternoon nap! 

A humble area. Clean dry clothes hang on a line, because their is no drawers. A table made of blocks and bamboo. 

Despite what it may seem, the home is very incredibly clean and in order. 

  Please prayerfully consider making a difference in this families life. Giving them a gift that they could not ever possibly return. However your gift will not go unnoticed in the eyes of our Lord. We invite you to make a special onetime donation to help build a home for our friends. Milton, his wife Marixa and their three children all live in this hut made of bamboo, over a dirt floor in which contains no doors.  

  Our goal is to give them a small one room home with a concrete floor, brick walls and a door. If its Gods desire to provide more than enough funds for the small one room home, than we would use the extra funds to set them up with a water storage tank and an outdoor bathroom.

  Our Christmas wish this year is that you will prayerfully consider making a donation so together we can build a home for this wonderful family. Whom have become are sweet friends. Because God sees the poor as the Treasures to the Church. 

“Do I, a Christian have at least one 
poor person as a friend?”
 Pope Francis

17 November 2019

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