Saturday, October 26, 2019

Never ashamed

Matthew 10:32-39

Don’t Be Ashamed of Your Faith

 “If you stand before others and are willing to say you believe in me, then I will tell my Father in heaven that you belong to me.  But if you stand before others and say you do not believe in me, then I will tell my Father in heaven that you do not belong to me."

Julianna my daughter is never ashamed of her faith or her call to missions.
Wednesday our new Priests we our serving called us for a meeting in the bigger town of Bagua Grande in which they live in. To our surprise they gave us a monstrance to take, so we could expel the blessed sacrament in our home town. What a wonderful gift.
It was our day off and we had to purchase supplies while in town and could not leave it in the truck. My faithful daughter said "I will carry it into the market with us. "
"No shame at all", she said.
As we bought our supplies , she carried it with knowing that the monstrance is a showcase for Jesus. She even turned to me and asking if I thought Jesus was still present inside it, in tiny fragments?

He must have been. A store owner where we were buying balloons from, for our youth group meeting, starting crying and telling us she has cancer and that her boyfriend is cheating on her. All we could do is gasp! Knowing what was under the veil was the monstrance. We knew she was not just telling us about how she was scared to die or how sad she felt that her boyfriend is cheating. She was telling Jesus in the tiniest fragment what her heart felt. It was an awesome experience to see Jesus at work. Julianna placed the monstrance on a nearby table and laid her hands on sweet Lily and began to beg our Lord to heal her from cancer and to heal her broken heart. God is so wonderful!

Monday, October 21, 2019

From Jungles of Peru to the Heart of the Amazon

It’s been almost 2 weeks since our move to our new mission post. From the Jungles of Peru to the heart of the Amazon.  as it’s known by its inhabitants. It was a 10 hour drive through Peru and its mighty mountains, where on the other side lay await our new home,  sight unseen.

We arrived safely with the belongings that we were able to fit in our truck. Reluctant to give away what we had accumulated over the past 2 years, we found ourselves trying as hard as we could to tie and strap everything as tight as we could. I can freely say that we looked a lot like the 1970 TV series the Beverly Hillbillies.  We soon realized that not everything was meant to make the move with us. God had other plans for some of the things he so carefully provided for us while we served in the Jungle, such as our stove,  chairs and our very important baldes (plastic buckets) to hold and collect water. With a quick prayer we were given the graces which allowed us to unclutched our tight grip of these material things and walked them to our sweet neighbor, Juanita knowing that she would put them to good use in her own home. It felt good not to worry and to trust completely that God would provide exactly what we would need, again in our new mission post as we meditated on the Bible verse found in the book of Mathew 6:25-34

“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?  Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.  If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith?  So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.  But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

I often tell others there is no other place I rather be than in the mission field, because here you must rely on God and it is amazing to see him at work and to be close enough to Jesus to feel his breath. Upon our arrival,  we were welcomed with such love and anticipation it was like it was Jesus himself welcoming us, we have not experience this kind of love anywhere else but among the poor. Within moments we were handed a small, 2 burner stove top and three chairs and trashcans full of water in which someone had already thoughtfully collected for us. If all of those gifts were not enough 30 mins after our arrival a lady was at the door with a small fold out bed. She had said she heard we only had two small twin beds. I said yes that’s all we have used for two years. The three of us just sleep on two beds or we would rotate sleeping on the floor or with each other. She hastily (with a purpose) left the bed and ran off saying she was going to find us a mattress and would be back later. We were beyond blessed by Gods gifts for us. It’s not easy for us to receives gift.   It’s much easier to give than receive. However I can hear Mr. Andy a fellow missionary saying“ just let God Love you”!!!!!! With a smile we did just that!  

 The faithful women of Cajaruro (the little town we live in) are so delightful and full of Joy. Last year they raised funds to build a small one bedroom home behind the church. They explained to us that they had really no idea why they had all of a sudden decided to build a home behind the church after all these years, after all no one had told them to do it,  they just felt that it was something that they were supposed to do.  However they were quick to say “sometimes you just have to trust in God”.  They did just that, together they worked faithfully and did as God asked of them and they called on neighbors, friends and even the town’s mayor for donations and materials for the home. Little did they know that they were building the home for a missionary family! We are so grateful for their faithfulness and obedience to Gods plan. I can not help to think that they might have felt a lot like Noah as he was building the Arc, as others watch and criticized his faithfulness. 

We have not yet started any active ministries, per say. We are spending the rest of the month of October getting acquainted to our new town and its beautiful people.  We ask for your prayers for patience and for a spirit of docility , we trust that the Holy Spirit wants to leads us to those he has sent us too, we just need to be patient and allow him to guide us. We have already seen so many needs here and have had many ministries placed on our hearts and we pray that we will receive confirmation soon on the work that God is asking of us. But until than we continue to meet with our new neighbors and community. We have enjoyed playing with the children and participating in the youth group,  which currently has no one to lead them.  The entire month of October the town’s faithful pray the rosary each evening as the image of the Señor de los Milagros (The Lord of Miracles also known as "Christ of Miracles) travels throughout different homes here in Cajaruro,  it was such perfect timing for us to arrive this month, it’s created the perfect opportunity for us to join our new community each evening. It has been nothing short of Gods mighty hand in it all.   

Our new mission field is very different from our past mission post in the Jungle. In many ways, but for starters,  we have water that comes in every day for an hour. A huge change from the last two years of collecting rain water and hauling water from the river. Now when it rains in the middle of the night we just enjoy listening to the rain instead of sitting straight up from a dead sleep to run outside to collect water.  Or when we walk by the river we do not become overwhelmed by the trash dumped in it or fixated on the cow that is being butchered next to it for easy clean up,  wondering if we will get sick from using the water. Mosquitos do exist here but they do not desire to eat people alive. Our home is made of cinder block walls which have been covered in plaster with a beautiful new fresh coat of paint. I haven’t had to have Julianna chase out not even one Lizard, wasp or cockroach yet. The children and I have even learned to live with the two huge iguana lizards who lurk high above us as we walk about the hallway between the church and our tiny home. The 4 resident bats have adapted to us living here as well.  The climate is a bit cooler and most days we are greeted with a nice breeze. Further up in the mountains of course it’s much cooler. 

Our 1st days here It was hard not to feel guilty, It seemed like we were far away from the poverty and the harsh conditions we have lived in for our 1st two years of missions. Since our arrival  to our new post we have awed and marveled at the fact that clear water comes into our home through our pipes each day all though not drinking quality for us and our American immune system,  but it’s visibly crystal clear and no need to remove bugs or trash as we have had to do since our time here in Peru. It’s feels like we have the pinch me syndrome,  were perhaps we should pinch each other to make sure we are not dreaming as we find ourselves admiring the pretty plaza and the cleanliness of the church. However after nearly two weeks of living here we have begun to see the different kind of poverty that we live in now. We have been warned about traveling alone and have even been offered a police escort after the locals heard we made our way by ourselves up the mountains as we followed a prompting of the Holy Spirit in search of the pueblo that had been praying for us. As a mother I do not take these warnings lightly. I knew a bit of the violent history if the area before we came. However it is harder to digest when you find out the little girl next door, Maricielo who is 9 years old (the same age as Gabriel) is now living with her grandmother,  because her mom was killed and left dead in a rice field down the road, just 7 months ago. 
 Maricielo lost her mom less than a year ago.

 The fear that most of the locals have regarding the violence and robberies have been issued and passed on to us too serve as a warning. In response to these warnings we must faithfully and fervently pray and we must lay our lives in the hands of God. Knowing he will protect us in the same way he protecting  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego when they were placed in the fiery Furnace (Daniel 1-3). Along with these warnings given to us we can see just a glimpse of what poverty the locals live in. Many without a strong relationship with Jesus which can create a great deal of fear among them.     

 On our way up the mountain

Amazing group of Catholics living on the mountain

The mountains in the background, home to our new mission field

As many of you may have heard Pope Francis has called together an Amazon Synod to discuss and advocate for the rights of indigenous people and their land in the Amazon region. With debates about land rights, protecting water, to protecting children from sex traffickers and slavery to the super-hot steamy topic of married Priest and the role of women within the Catholic Church in the Amazon region. Giving many laity an opportunity to have their own debates on social media and on the news about the Amazon Synod. I can tell you I have not followed the Amazon Synod as I should, the irony of it all, is as a single Catholic missionary mom living in solidarity with the poor, I just do not have the time nor the internet connection to be able to follow this amazing meeting of such Spirit led and Godly people; Whom with much prayer and desire wants to help the indigenous people and longs to find a modern way to bring the Catholic Church to them.

A lot of our work in the jungle apart from meeting material needs and just living in solidarity with the poor, was finishing the education and formation of the poor which had been started by former Priest, Religious Sisters and Missionaries who served before us. Although there were other dominations of churches they had a very small number of faithful. The Catholic faith was the dominant faith in the Jungle. For two years my children and I worked under two great missionary Priest from Spain whom had huge missionary hearts.

 My children and I now serve under two Peruvian Priest all though loving and wonderful they are a bit overwhelmed with the over 200 pueblos between the two of them. As they serve with very few religious sisters whom live in the area. The Catholic church is here but it has very much forgotten its missionary heart. It seems to be that there are cells of faithful men and women mostly in their 70 and late 80 who try to keep the religion alive but it’s just not enough. The Catholic faithful here are disappearing. The other churches in the town are filled with the towns children who eagerly and devoutly attend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday  afternoons as each of the children are assigned a sponsor from the USA which faithfully sends them material goods or money biweekly, which motivates the attendance levels. An approach that seems to be working for the leaders of the church but very much a contradiction to the saying,  Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

Earlier this week I was sitting with a group of school kids in front of the church. All of them full of questions for my children and I. As we sat playing the 50 questions in a minute game. I heard one of the older girls who was very polite but very assertive with all her questions she had for us, say to the group “they are Catholic, they believe Christ is dead, that’s why they have Jesus nailed to the cross”.  I honestly could not catch my breath. I am not one to debate religions. I, being a convert to the Catholic Church as an adult, raised with the concept that we do not need a “church to believe in God”. I never had the knowledge of the Holy Trinity or the understanding of the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.  I owe a huge gratitude to my grandmother (a devout Catholic) in which undoubtedly prayed and petitioned the saints and angels for help,  that her granddaughter would one day enter into the fullness of the church. So hearing the young girl say that Catholics believed that Christ was dead really drove my heart to proclaim my passionate love for the Holy Eucharist and the understanding and the belief the church has of the Holy Trinity. I of all people began to defend my faith. Not merely preaching it or teaching it to those who desired to know more which I have done for over 2 decades or more,  but I was in a middle of a war with a young girl who had been obviously taught to disregard the teachings of the Catholic church; to become in a sense an enemy of the Catholic Church. She could not have been more than 10 or 11 years old, but she could recite the bible like an adult, at least better than most Catholics. I could not just let her profess lies about our faith and as much as I did not want too,  I engaged in the battle. I simply asked her if she had ever heard of the last supper and the institution of the eucharist and the words that Jesus spoke to his Disciples. As I was trembling with fear of the battle I began with the words from Matthew 26:26 “Jesus took bread and said the blessing, broke it, and giving it to his disciples saying, “Take and eat; this is my body.” I paused, and asked her if she had ever heard that part of the bible. To my confusion she said yes and then she began to recite the rest of the bible verse saying “Then he took a cup, gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you, for this is my blood of the covenant, which will be shed on behalf of many for the forgiveness of sins.” I explained to her that very same supper that Jesus had with his disciples, we as Catholics get to partake in that very same banquet every time the Priest comes to celebrate mass with us. Than it dawned on me, that this is part of why Jesus sent my children and I here. Why the Holy spirit went before us to open the doors to this diocese that has never had fulltime lay Catholic missionaries living within its territories. It’s why the holy spirit  inflamed the hearts of the small number of faithful Catholics to build a house for us and why He spoke to each one of you to help us obtain the funds for a truck so that we can reach the further lying pueblos up in the mountains, who have already pleaded desperately for my children and I to return weekly to help teach them and their children learn about our Catholic faith. He sent us here to be a witness to so many who have been kept from the temple because of man’s deceitful lies and twisted words. To re- ignite the flame to those who have remained faithful both to the hierarchy of the church and to the true presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.
Led by the spirit and high in the mountains found a town who not only welcomed us but was praying for someone from the church to come help.

We as baptized Catholic have a duty to go out and Proclaim the Gospel. To become disciples and to win souls for Christ. I understand that it would not be wise for everyone to go out and sell all their belongings and set off for a new land to proclaim the Gospel. That’s not what God wants. Not everyone was meant to sell everything included their only place to lay their heads, their beds and hit the road to a unknown land with what only fits in a suitcase like my children and I did. However I encourage each of you to pray fervently and ask yourself,  in what way does God want you to partake in this mission mandate. If He is not asking of your own life to enter into foreign missions, perhaps God is asking you to be a supporter with a sacrifice of your prayers or by supporting our families mission financially. For the love of the Catholic faith and the Mother Church, I beg you all to continue to pray for us and for the Amazon Synod. More so for an increase in priestly vocations even for my own young son Gabriel and his discernment. For our new mission post, and for my family to have strength, courage and wisdom to bring people back to Jesus and His Church. Lastly, I plead for your prayers for protection for whatever evil spirit which lurks about that wishes to harm us here at our new post.

The Church needs everyone of us to take part in the Mission Mandate. I only share this with each of you out of the extreme need of the Catholic Church and for our love of the Church and our love of the Eucharist. I beg of you to prayerfully ask yourself what it is Jesus is asking of you.

I also humbly invite you to partake in a short term mission trip to anyone of FMC’s mission posts to see what we as full time missionary do and what we are up against as we try to win souls for Christ. If you would like to visit our mission post here in Peru with my family and I for a week or two let me know, I can get you connected to those who can help you state side make a mission trip a reality for you and your family.  There is no better way to understand the great need of missionaries in this vast world we live in than to walk side by side with us in the field. Which would allow you a chance to see into the eyes of the poor and feel their heart proclaim their desires for the Catholic Church and its sacraments.

To our family, friends benefactors and prayer warriors, every step we make, we make with you in our hearts and in our prayers! We love you all and thank you for Loving the Lord as you do!

Karen, Julianna and Gabriel Del Castillo   

Walking around the top of the mountain smell better than walking into STARBUCKS, coffee plants are everywhere

 Mountain Top View with a cute little Donkey

Friday, September 27, 2019

A New Journey Begins!

It’s been awhile since we have sent out an update. Please forgive us, it was not meant to be, but life here in the last month has become a whirlwind of to do lists and goodbyes. In my prayer time I have asked God to create a perfect time to sit down and reach out to all of you whom we love so much. I cant lie, One morning , I thought instead of prayer time I could take that time to write to you. Praise God,  I did not fall for that trick. Instead God awarded my obedience with a perfect evening after a long hot day to sit in quiet to connect with you all.

First things first, we must thank each of you tremendously for your prayers and your financial sacrifices. Its amazing to watch Gods plan come together. And indeed with much grace, we found raising money for a mission truck became a blessing, rather than a burden. So many of you poured your heart out in prayer and just the right amount of money came in to buy the perfect truck for our new post. By far is it not new, and it needs A LOT of love and care but it fell into our laps,  just like the precise amount of money needed to buy it did. God is so amazing. We have purchased new tires and have had a chance to repair the most urgent things here with our mechanic Jose,  who has such a servants heart to help all of us Missionaries here in a very special way. He reminds me of my two oldest sons back at home  Mason and Maccray whom despite what the world says, they always try to do their best and in the most honest way possible. Because of Jose’s dedication and hard work we feel confident that we will make the drive safely to our new mission post.  


We were bless and honored to be able to accept an invitation from Father Francisco to attend Pope Francis’s announcement, via the “Nuncio ApostólicoMonseñor Nicola Girasoli, who currently resides in Lima, who traveled here to the jungle to spend time with the missionaries, priest and religious sisters serving the poor in this area. He was truly amazing to hear speak. Oh and he also spoke English which was a treat in of its own. 

Monseñor Nicola Girasoli With Pope Francis

Bellavista’s Church tower with the Peruvian and Vatican Flag


It has been a very bitter- sweet  month as we wind down our ministries, Home visits and sacramental preparations. Saying good bye has not come easy. To leave the ones we have come to love. To share together the fear of earthquakes, heat, bugs, last year’s forever week long power outage,  constant search of water, sickness and death, we have been together in solidarity with our neighbors through it all. We came to live among the poor and indeed our first two years we have done just that. My children and I would have never in a million years could have dreamt of the abundance of gifts God would bestow upon us as he did while serving His beloved poor here. To give up everything and to become poor only in return to gain more than you ever had, seems impossible, but my friends it is not impossible for our God.


Since our return to our current post in late January, we began Sacramental prep. classes for a handful of the children that showed desire to enter into the Catholic Church. Some had only received their sacrament of baptism so they received 1st communion and the sacrament of confirmation.


One of our hardest ministries to leave is the wonderful youth. The youth here have the same problems as the youth in the states. Possibly even more when you add in their poverty and living conditions,  but yet they are so full of JOY! Our Friday night youth gatherings are coming to a close but no one in the room has a sad face. We know God has a plan for us all and we need to follow him with a Joyful heart. And until the last day we have, we will enjoy our time singing , dancing and playing games as we journey together with Christ leading the way. 
                                                 We took our youth to the pool in a nearby town

 Youth group games

Please join us in praying for all those who we have been blessed to live among and serve. We pray fervently that God will fill their hearts with His love that is so much greater than we could even imagine,  as we prepare to enter are last few days here. We must trust in the Lord and the plans he has for us at our new mission post as he leads the way.

We also ask for your prayers that our transitions into our new post will be blessed. We especially pray for faith strong enough to trust that even the tiniest little details have been planned out in the most divine way.  We walk into what most of society would call the “unknown”.  Just as we followed Christ to our current post 2 years ago, sight unseen, our purpose unknown, we do the same as we follow Christ to His new home he has prepared for us as we embark our 3rd year living among the poor and finding ways to serve them and meet their most basic needs. We know just as much as we did 2 years ago, only the name of the town he has called us to. Please pray that when we get there we are met by the Holy Spirit, who will guide us to our waiting ministries and to our new friendships we will make as we journey with those we live among to a greater kingdom than what we have ever laid eyes on.

Our going away lunch with all of our wonderful missionary community. We will Truly miss them all!

We love you and would love to know how we can pray for you in an attentional way. Please let us receive the Lord’s graces by allowing us to pray for you in a special way. You can send us your prayer request at anytime by Whatsapp message  51 941-992-525 or send us an email at

God Bless you,

Missionary family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Pray for us!


Monday, July 29, 2019

Commitments and dying

“There are some who commit themselves, but with some restrictions; for they do not trust God fully and so they are busy providing for themselves. Some first give up everything; but afterwards under the pressure of temptation, they return to what they had forsaken; and so they do not advance in virtue.”

Chapter 37- The Imitation of Christ

To each of you my heart does not desire to grumble or to write a blog that is center only on us. I can only pray that the Holy Spirit can guide my words to your heart in a way that only Christ wishes to speak. 
Since I last wrote you the mission field has become somewhat more of a battlefield.  At least what I can imagine one would be like. So many illnesses, disease, deaths and spiritual attacks around us. It seems in the last month that the poor have become poorer, or perhaps my family and I have only became weaker and feeble making it harder to fight the battle. As if the devil was not satisfied and content with just making his mark in our little pueblo and within my little family,  he has successfully sought out and has really challenged our missionary community here in Peru. With our community being afflicted with sickness, motorcycle accidents, family members deaths and the passing of a sweet unborn baby of one of our dearest families here. Not to mention the “ just normal day to day mission life”  struggles that the devil loves to over exaggerate so he can bring us to tears.

Indeed it has been a month of Self- Renunciation not only for our community but for myself as well: finding myself on my knees asking Christ how many more times must I get over myself.  Many think that because my family and I our foreign missionaries we have it all figured out. But it’s the far opposite of what one may believe.

It seems that Christ is asking me to grow even more in this virtue despite my unwillingness at times. Even though my two youngest children and I  have served in the mission field for almost two years  at times it seems like we still struggle in the same way as we did the first day we arrived to the Jungles of Peru. I personally struggle with pride, selfishness and jealousy . I look at other missionaries and think about “if only I could be more like them” or “ I wish I had my life together like they do”.  Trying to balance life as a single mother in the mission field involves home schooling for Gabriel and Julianna that many times becomes impossible because of the unexpected knock at the door from someone in need,  along with our normal scheduled ministries. All while trying to practice my spanish and prepare for bible study, sacramental prep. classes and a Sunday reflection each week for three pueblos has often been seen as a burden rather than a gift. With the never ending worry of how am I going to wash clothes, clean dishes or simply bucket flush our toilet  without water has become a permanent worry of mine.

(Yes we have been living here in the Jungle of Peru only on rain water or carrying it from a the nearby river for the last 7 months. In exception of the two Wednesdays   in a row that we were actually sent water.)
  But I know that Christ calls us to repent and repent again. To forsake and renounce ourselves so that we can enjoy interior peace. “ Give all for all; Seek nothing; take nothing back that you have given up; stand with pure detachment and with full confidence in Me, and then you shall truly possess Me”

Our families two year commitment is almost up and we could go back to living the life we had before. Always searching, seeking and wanting more of what the world has to offer. But we have been called to so much more. To enjoy true freedom of heart so that the darkness can not overshadow the goodness Christ has to offer. I can not lie in missions one can easily notice the great darkness that plagues the poor and the 3rd world countries that we serve in. But in the wealthy United States the darkness is the same its just masked and hidden under a veil. Hiding the addictions, brokenness, loneliness, sickness and hunger for food and love.  One thing is certain that in missions you must desire to be stripped of all self-seeking desires so that we can truly follow Christ. To die of ourselves so we can live forever. It requires a constant desire to seek this freedom of Spirit.  To simply become poor and to draw close to Christ. A desire to find Christ in the poor and the darkness we live in. To firmly understand and know that yes we are inadequate and unable to live, much less complete our mission without inviting Christ to be the center of all that we do. To accept the challenged that we face with Joy and with a heart of Praise.

I have found that Christ is the closest to my family and I when we are serving in the mission field. It’s a daily struggle to die to one self, much less teach your two youngest children to do the same but the reward is so worth it.

Even though this month has been a challenge to control our human desires and to die to ourselves It is beautiful and amazing to see how Christ has been in the center of every day.

 Here are just a few highlights that have touched our hearts this past month.

The passing of Jose
Don Jose, as you know had been suffering greatly in his last month of life. He was granted heavenly peace on July 20th.  More than a month he waited patiently in pain and agony for the Lord to call him home. God loved him in such an incredible way. Don Jose in his last days was able to receive a visit from missionaries from Spain who joined us in our weekly home visit to him. The best was the fact that Sister Esilda drove two times a week to our little pueblo to help us take care of his awful bed sores and to help us bathe him. Something my children and I could not have done without her and her nursing skills. Before he died his bedsores were totally healed.  Three days later we accompanied his wife and 7 children to our small and humble cemetery. I was asked to lead the prayer for this wonderful man. I somehow still cannot understand how God can look at me as worthy to do such a thing. However standing by his coffin as I was making the sign of the cross with Holy Water I realized if I did not say “yes”  there was no one else lined up to take my place.  After I led the family members in a short prayer I assumed that someone else would get up to say something more. Something better than just my prayer,  perhaps a eulogy, however I quickly understood the reason of my families presence here because there were no other words spoken,  just tons of whaling and crying. I can not lie afterwards I was thinking where was the training for a funeral in our missionary training. I have no Idea what I was doing or how to conduct a funeral, All I knew is that this beloved child of God deserved to have a Christian burial.
Sacrament Preparation Classes
God has called 10 different youth to receive sacraments this year, so we are helping them prepare to receive the sacraments each Sunday. The three pictured stayed to finish up there work because they did not have glue or scissors at home so we worked together after learning about the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist.  Please keep them in your prayers as they will receive their sacraments right before we move to our new mission post Sept 7th. 
Preparations for the Peregrination to Shamboyacu are underway
It’s that time again, the annual peregrination from Tingo to shamboyacu is this Friday. Our youth group here in Shimbillo was asked  by Father to do a short skit for Saturday night before adoration and the concert that will take place. We have seven youth that have been practicing the skit for almost 3 weeks now. So please pray for them because they will perform this skit for almost 500 people. Needles to say they are a bit nervous. Also please pray for us as we make the journey from Tingo to Shamboyacu a  walk a bit over 25 km or 15 miles.

The gifts which missionary children receive
It’s wonderful to see the gift of music grow within Julianna. I can not tell you how much it has blessed Gabriel and I to have her lead us in praise and worship every day. Furthermore she has been an essential part of our ministries with her singing and playing. She actually sung at adoration last week.
Gabriel has such a gift of making friends, he loves to play soccer every afternoon with the kids his age. And I can always count on him to bring a friend or two over to the house for some popcorn.

So many of Gabriel friends have the bumps all over. We are not sure what they are. Poor little guys! This guy is the fourth to have theses bumps. 

New Mission Post 
Our move to our new mission post is just right around the corner. It’s a true test for the three of us not to yield to our unruly fears. Its so easy for us to renounce the opportunity that Christ is calling us to. But we must not be so willing to fall to our vain imaginations and worldly desires. We must again once more die to ourselves. We do not know what life will be like in the Northern part of Peru. We have yet reached the amount needed to purchase a truck. Although Christ has provided the monthly funds for us to maintain the truck once we have made the purchase.  We have no Idea how we will reach the people of our new mission post. But we do know that we have committed ourselves to following Christ to the ends of the earth and to preach the Gospel to those who have yet heard the good news preached and we do not desire to take anything back that we have given up. Its easy for us to become overwhelmed with all of the logistics and that is not what Christ wants for us. He desires us to give our worries to him and to live a life of Joy. Again we must renounce ourselves to find Christ.
We can merely pray that God can fill the burden of us leaving our current mission post and fervently pray that the Holy Spirit goes before us to our new mission post to prepare the hearts of those he has called us to live among and serve. We can rejoice and be confident  in the fact that it is truly the desires of Christ.
I pray that we may all see the Joy of Christ even among the darkest in our lives, that we confront the attacks of the Devil without out fear. Calling out his name and demanding him to flea our lives with a loud and confident voice.
May we all, no matter in what vocation we serve,  commit ourselves fully to Christ without restrictions, fully trusting God to provide for our spiritual and worldly needs. May we give up everything and not be pressured by the world to take back what we have freely given to Christ. May we continue to grow in this virtue. 
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Praying we may all die of ourselves so that we can live forever!
Karen , Julianna , Gabriel